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Stairmaster Gauntlet

MEET THE MACHINE THE ENTIRE GYM LOOKS UP TO. Beginning with the first stepping machine in 1983, Stai...

Stairmaster Recumbent Bike

Stairmaster Recumbent bike i säljes i befintligt skick.
35.000,00 kr 2.500,00 kr

Stairmaster TwistLock Dumbbell 2-22.6kg

Starimaster Twistlock dumbbell är en snygg och gedigen ställbar hantel i storleken 2-22.5kg vikten ...
8.900,00 kr

Stairmaster Upright Bike

Stairmaster Upright bike i säljes i befintligt skick.
30.000,00 kr 2.500,00 kr

Treadclimber 5

INTRODUCING THE CALORIE KILLER. Since 1983, StairMaster® has been a legendary name in the gym, de...